About Me

Everyone has come across a beautiful website or app. One that gifts you sensations of awe and inspiration as the seamless, yet visually arresting page loads. Everything, from the buttons to the text, slots together as a design that feels as if destined to look and function the way you see them.

I first experienced this as an eight year - old opening a MacBook for the first time. The minimalistic black Apple logo confidently sculpted on the commanding white background. The empty black and white of the page conveyed color and imagination, but most importantly, purpose.

This experience has always remained with me, serving as a compass for my work, style, and expression. With many of us working and entertaining ourselves digitally, my purpose is to provide intuition, meaning, and captivation to our experiences.

I was born in Germany and currently reside in the United States. I love playing piano, breakdancing, and gaming. My passions range from inclusivity, health and fitness, and maintaining a learning mindset. I invite you to browse my website and connect with me on social media so we may learn more about each other!